Custom fitting

A proper fit for a proper ride.

Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned pro, TriBella’s custom bike fit featuring Retul 3D Motion Capture technology will fit you to the ride of your dreams. Already have a bike? We can help you better fit your current frame. Looking for a new ride? Our fit specialists will work with you to find your perfect bike.

A Perfect Fit

Our partner company, Denver Fit Loft, is Denver’s only standalone Retul fit studio offering a private setting away from the bike shop environment.

We believe that a proper bike fitting will greatly benefit the recreational cyclist, serious enthusiast, and seasoned professional. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or want to perform better, our process will address biomechanical issues, allow greater comfort, and increase performance. Whether you are a road rider, triathlete, mountain biker, or indoor rider, our goal is adapt the bike to your specific needs. Combining the skill of our bicycle fitting specialists with Retul motion capture technology, we give you an extraordinary bike fit experience.

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